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Cam Girls with Ample Ass

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Ass is important to me. When I visit a chat room and all the girl does is sit there showing her smile and boobs, I get bored. I need her to stand up, turn around, and show me some ba donka donk. If there ain’t no junk in her trunk, then there won’t be any of my money in her bank account either. Ladies, let me see the booty so I know if you are worth my time.

That’s not to say that I can’t get off to a girl with a mini ass. I can and I do. I just don’t want to pay for one. If I am on a site like where I can take my pick from several hundred models, I am absolutely going to go looking for the babes with big buns, and I am not going to settle for less.

If a girl tries to make me beg or tip just to get a glimpse, I am out of there. Now if a chick has already revealed the wonderfully round goods and wants to take charge and demand that I do her bidding to see more, I’m totally down with that. Just give me that ass!

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