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Hooking Up with an Old Flame

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Back in my twenties, I was in love with a girl. Things got serious, but then tragedy struck and she had to move several states away to be near family. We lost touch. Now thanks to Facebook, we have started chatting again and things are picking back up. I told myself I would never be one of those guys getting back together with a girl after getting carried away with nostalgia, yet here I am!

The thing is, we are both substantially older now. I stopped dating women my own age at least a decade ago. I have to admit that I am feeling nervous and a little intimidated by the idea. I know I’m into her and we have phone sex pretty regularly at this point, but I have to keep reminding myself that her body isn’t going to be the same as I remember. I’ve seen current pictures, but not nudes, and photos are never quite like the real thing.

To prepare myself, I’ve been doing some xxx sex chat with MILFs. I seek out the older women with similar features. Fortunately, it’s helping my anxiety over the whole thing and I am pretty excited to have her fly in for a week next month. Wish me luck!

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