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Mystery and Masturbation: Great Combination

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When I first started visiting chat sites, a lot more girls tried hiding their face, and there were a lot of really bad wigs as well as dim lighting. Over the years, the babes have become bolder and the clarity can be really excellent at times. It’s been a long time since I spent any time in a room with a girl that refuses to show her face. That all changed yesterday. I happened upon an ass I couldn’t resist and I was fine with not having a face to go with it.

Maybe because I am so used to seeing absolutely everything in cam shows nowadays, the trip back to a little bit of mystery was actually good for me. It was a fuck chat that I very much enjoyed. This chick showed me everything I really wanted to see. She wore a sexy lace mask and talked dirty while working her pussy to an explosive squirting orgasm. She showed me her sexual nature and it was stunning.

Mystery and masturbation were definitely a winning combination in my experience and I think I will give the girls that hide their face a chance more often now.

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